Antimicrobial Agent

In nowadays of concerns regarding public hygiene, and also the spreading of germs plus viruses the launch of 2 agents antimicrobiens to the marketing product community is a huge breakthrough.

Custom printed pens are among the most extensively bought and used of all of the promotional products. If they’re affordable pens and up industry high quality pens provided as advertising gifts they’re, by their very nature usually interested in shared use.

Each of the pen types which happen to have simply been brought to market ie the Spirit Biofree and also the Antibac Living Pen claim to work against MRSA, C.Difficile, H1N1 Swine Flu, Salmonella and Norovirus.

It has not been a simple process getting these pens perfect and development has taken a long time with a number of false starts.

Original variations of anti bac pens have been made with an antibacterial covering which predictably wore off as time passes. This not merely compromised the case of the pens being antibacterial but additionally impacted the quality of the included logos and marketing emails and also the pens were quickly withdrawn.

The brand new versions, nonetheless, come with an active agent that is an important component of the content the pen is created of and won’t use away. The’ secret ingredient’ will continue to clear the pen of germs and in addition has antifungal qualities.

The specific Antibac compound occurs not just in the pens themselves but additionally in the printing inks employed for branding which makes them ideal marketing products.

The Spirit Biofree utilises silver ion technological innovation that is completely accredited by the manufacturer. It’s the identical procedure employed in new kinds of upmarket fridges, food processing equipment as well as medical related plastics.

The Antibac Living Pen may be the sole antibacterial pen approved to British Standard BSEN 20645. It’s child safe, non carcinogenic and conforms to EN71.9 and EN71.3 regulations.

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