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Internet Dictionaries: The Review Of Mine Of The Most Effective Sites

It’ll likely be no surprise to lots of people that you can get a lot of online dictionaries available on the web today. What may be a surprise is the absence of Acronyms Dictionary. I know since I tried to find a website which could give me a swift summary of several of the primary key features of several of the very popular sites.

Thus, I chose to write my own since I’d spent rather a good deal of time researching a selection of the online dictionaries out there.

I have listed the views of mine on each website below. They’re not mentioned in any order of preference. I have just summarised the primary features so you can make the own decisions of yours.

Merriam Webster

The Merriam Webster site is pretty thorough. It has both an internet dictionary along with an internet thesaurus. When looking for a term, the meaning refunded even offers an audio button so you are able to audibly hear exactly how it’s pronounced.

The website also offers links to Word video games so it could be very entertaining spending time there. Additionally, they have a separate website for the small surfer. The website link called Merriam Webster for children actually takes you to their website called Word Central.

Another fantastic feature regarding this site is the free toolbar of theirs. With this you are going to be ready to search for words at any time while you’re surfing.

This’s additionally an extensive site with an internet dictionary and an internet thesaurus. This site additionally features sound pronunciations of words. Additionally, it has word games. An individual term translation can be obtained for a lot of languages.

The website is very active with numerous adverts that could be distracting.


At first appearance the website looks simple, though looks are deceiving. The website gets right down to the company of providing you a dictionary to search. Whilst there aren’t any sound pronunciations of words this website does search countless dictionary databases to provide you with a summary of definitions. This can be helpful in case you wish to compare and contrast the meaning of a word.

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